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Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a gentle form of chiropractic care developed by Dr. Donald Epstein and used by thousands of practitioners around the world. Several major universities have conducted studies of NSA as a result of its dramatic and impressive health and wellness impact.

NSA is practiced exclusively by Doctors of Chiropractic to identify and aid the self-regulation of spinal tension and subluxation patterns. An advanced spinal care system, it produces tangible physical and emotional well-being benefits.

Stress and Tension

NSA treats the tension caused when your Central Nervous System (CNS) is not functioning properly. The CNS turns mental and physical stress into tension which is then stored in the spine. When tension builds up, it causes misalignments, also known as subluxations, in the spine, causing pain to manifest in our bodies.

If the tension is not released, additional subluxations can occur, increasing pain levels. NSA helps create new nerve system patterns to allow you to better handle everyday stress. NSA also helps the body heal past traumas and teaches your CNS how to develop strategies for self-healing and growth.

With all the stimulation we are exposed to on a daily basis, our body-mind connection has become clouded. Our CNS is overburdened with stressors and traumas from birth. NSA was designed to help re-establish our connection, release all negative stress and allow our bodies to heal and thrive.

Using a series of light touches along the spine, NSA assists your CNS to re-establish communication between the brain and the body. These touches cue your brain to create new wellness strategies, removing the negative interference causing the pain.

NSA focuses on the self-healing ability of the body and mind. It teaches you how to connect with your own natural healing energy. This helps the body-mind connection to release blockages caused by stressors. It helps what you already have to work better.

We offer three levels of care designed to increase the level of health and function of our practice members’ spines. Each level produces new abilities used to change with our environment, make healthier choices, enjoy life and develop a healthier spine. During care, improvements in spinal and neural integrity, adaptability, wellness and quality of life will occur.

Levels of Care:

Level 1, Initial Intensive Care – designed to help your spine and body unwind the surface layers of tension so you move better, stand taller and feel more at ease inside.

Level 2, Corrective Care – helps get to the root of the problem. Building on Level 1, it helps the CNS re-pattern and release the more chronic, underlying areas of tension and disease. Helps to create a longer-lasting change.

Level 3, Wellness & Optimization Care – progressively brings practice members to greater levels of alignment and connectivity, while optimizing overall body-mind function.

NSA can improve conditions such as chronic pain, tension and many other health related issues. It will also improve your quality of life. Over time, practice members can develop a feeling of deep emotional release. Some experience an increase in their life force energy as well.

Since NSA does not involve manual manipulations, it is a proven safe, gentle and effective form of chiropractic care for anyone; newborn to senior.

Questions? We Can Help

Want to learn more about NSA and how it can change your life for the better? Make an appointment for your free consultation today. Contact us at (408) 564-8374 to get started.

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